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Future Projects

  • In no particual order.

  • Images may not be properly representative of the final product.

  • All projects are subject to change and/or may never see the light of day.



Co-Op VR Concept

This Co-Op VR concept is something that hasn't been done before (to my knowledge) and is planned for release on the official Oculus Store + Steam. It is still currently in its concept phase, so I will be more public with the Standable community on specifics as it develops.



FaceTime, but... you'd NEVER guess what I'm about to say... in VR!!!!!!! *Insert applause here*

Don't worry, it is more thought out than just a bad VRChat clone

a couple meeting in VR-2.jpg
pet wearing Virtual reality goggles.jpg


Pet Estimation

Full Body Estimation, but for your pet. Quite self explanatory.

Not sure if it would be an extension of SFBE or a whole separate software.


Haptic Remapping

Software based full body haptics... yes really
(still in concept phase)

human hand reaching out.jpg
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